Ansel Travel Lighting Gravure of Chateau de Chillon and Shelly Fabares
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Black and White Positive Negative Book Master of Photography of Eiffel Tower Paris Picture and Edward S Curtis

Ansel Travel Lighting Gravure of Chateau de Chillon and Shelly Fabares

Mike Ware


Announcing: Winners & Honorable Mentions of the New York Photo Awards 2010
New York Photo FestivalMay 15, 2010 – 10:15 am

Advertising Single

Winner – Felix Streuli

Honorable Mentions – Tobias Hutzler & Erik Hijweege

Advertising Series

Winner – Nadav Kander

Honorable Mentions – John Clang & Raul Krebs

Editorial Single

Winner – Alejandro Bringas/Reuters

Honorable Mentions – Mohammed Salem/Reuters & Benjamin Norman

Editorial Series

Winner – Andre Liohn

Honorable Mentions – Mathias Braschler/Monika Fischer & Tomasz Tomaszewski

Fine Art Single

Winner – Alice Belcredi

Honorable Mentions – Kai-Uwe Gundlach & Caitlin Teal Price

Fine Art Series

Winner – J Carrier

Honorable Mentions – Aaron Vincent Elkaim & Jason Florio

Photographic Book

Winner – Rob Hornstra

Honorable Mentions – Jeroen Hofman & Jeroen Kramer

Student Single – Fine Art

Winner – Tania Camille Nasser

Honorable Mentions – Alejandra Ugarte & Sungwook Kim

Student Series – Fine Art

Winner – Stanislava Georgieva

Honorable Mentions – Ho Chang & Namhong Jo

Student Single – Editorial

Winner – Antonio Zambardino

Honorable Mentions – Kate Warburton & Rafael Zart

Student Series – Editorial

Winner – Natan Dvir

Honorable Mentions – Fara Phoebe Zetzsche & Elizabeth Libert

Student – Photographic Book

Winner – Thomas Steuer

Honorable Mentions – Gary Auerbach & Judith Stenneken


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