We Walk in Beauty

Eddie Draper, Navajo

Do you have a specific memory that stands out in your mind when you were young?
"Herding sheep, climbing rocks, and helping to work the cornfields and just being a kid."

How is your life different from your parents or grandparents?
"They never really speak English and lived off the land, hauling water, growing corn, beans and squash."

What traditions from the past do you still continue to practice?
"Traditional prayers and medicine men."

What was your impression on having your photograph taken?
"I liked that we had a good time looking for places to take pictures. Near the Anasazi ruins where the pueblos lived in the canyon caves."

What do you see for the future?
"Working for National Geographic."

Eddie Draper Eddie Draper

Given name: Eddie Draper
Date of birth: April 22, 1966
Place of birth: Ganado, Arizona
Tribe: Dine, Navajo
Maternal clan: Red Bottom Clan
Paternal clan: Water Flowing Together Clan
Year photograph was taken: 2001