We Walk in Beauty

Calvin Standing Bear, Sioux

Calvin Standing Bear

Do you have a specific memory that stands out in your mind when you were young?
"Growing up on the reservation was different than being raised in the city. One thing that stands out in my mind is going to Episcopal school and living in a dormitory with other Native children as we were expected to do in an effort to integrate us native into the white world."

How is your life different from your parents or grandparents?
"The most negative manifestation of white dominance has been the separation of Natives from their spirituality. Spirituality helps maintain balance and harmony with our known Universe."

What traditions from the past do you still continue to practice?
"Spirituality, (Lakota)"

What was your impression on having your photograph taken?
"I think it is a good thing to satisfy the desire some people have to see a full blood Native like myself. There are only 300 full bloods left. I am one of them."

What do you see for the future?

Given name: Calvin Standing Bear
Date of birth: November 20, 1949
Place of birth: Rosebud Reservation, Rosebud, South Dakota
Tribe: Oglala/Sicongu Lakota Sioux
Year photograph was taken: 2004