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"Dr. Auerbach has been one of the best chiropractor I have ever attended. He is a wonderful person who cares about the welfare of their patients. Not only has helped me with my problem of neck, back and leg pain but also to have a healthier life. For example, he explained to me how the ionization of water can help my colon. He lent me a book on this topic. In addition, he has given me several times gallons of this marvelous water for drinking at home. I have learned many things in the short time with Dr. Auerbach. In addition, Dr. Auerbach is an excellent photographer. He has rubbed shoulders with the big boys in this field. He has been in many exhibitions around the world. Dr. Auerbach has taught me various techniques to make a great photograph. One of his most important work was the Portraits of Native Americans. Also, Dr. Auerbach has taught me a series of exercises to do at home, with the aim of improving my neck pain and back pain. Finally, he recommended me to take some Potassium and Magnesium for my leg cramps, and WORKS! I am not having anymore those horrible cramps. I am completely grateful to him for all he has done for me in the short period. I feel much better. Dr. Auerbach is an excellent doctor, friend, human being that I can recommend to everyone with eyes closed. By far, the best chiropractor I've ever been to! Dr. Auerbach will give you the adjustment that you need. He's experienced, helpful, honest, effective, and mixes a perfect blend of professionalism and joviality. Positive energy just emanates out of his being! I always feel good after every adjustment. This gentleman is the man. All in all, I can't recommend The Good Chiropractor highly enough. Dr Auerbach, thank you very much for all your help. God bless you!"
- Alexis Mata Betancourt

"I had the great pleasure of meeting Dr. Aurerbach in early December 2013. I was in Tucson for the first time and stumbled upon him when I was seeking chiropractic care for my girlfriend. I must admit that it was the name of his practice that first intrigued me. Chiropractic Arts and Science. Hmmm. That was intriguing in and of itself. Arts and Science. I phoned Dr. Auerbach and went to meet him. His office is situated on a beautiful private drive surrounded by quite homes with tended gardens and horses grazing in the pasture next to the wash. A very tranquil environment indeed. The Doctor, like the environment, has a very strong sense of calm and that calmness and gentleness transcends into his work. I was so impressed with his methods as I watched him tend to my girlfriends ailments that I had him adjust me as well. I have had lots of chiropractic care over the years, usually more in the name of preventative health, and have never seen someone approach the science in such an artful way. Hats off to Dr. Gary Auerbach. Gary I will be sure to visit you the next time I am in Tucson, and thank you once again for your kindness, the showing of your great art, and for the time and care you took in taking care of both my girlfriend and myself!"
Nicholas Dibley

"Okay, I usually like really intense wham-bam sort of chiropractic treatment, but after talking to Dr. Auerbach on the phone, I decided to try his more thoughtful and much less intense treatments and you know what? I feel better! Dr. A does muscle testing which some people pooh-pooh, but he quickly zeroed in my pelvic issues and I am seeing improvement after only a few treatments. 

Another cool thing about Dr. A is that he's an award-winning photographer which is pretty interesting. 

Dr. A seems to care about people and his patients. If you want to try chiropractic or don't like intense treatments, give Dr. A a try. Or if your usual chiropractic treatments aren't working, give Dr. Auerbach a try -- he's patient and gentle. And effective!
Ty F

"I first went to Dr. Auerbach due to acute back pain and pretty much complete loss of mobility which I had no explanation for. I was very nervous about being treated chiropracticly and even maybe a little doubtful of it's benefits. It meant a lot to me that Dr. Auerbach took time on my initial visit to address those concerns as well as to thoroughly assess and explain my situation and his methods. I was and am very pleased at his non-invasive approach & use of fine art adjustment instruments. I felt better upon leaving my first appointment/treatment and I also felt confident under his diagnosis and care that he could indeed correct the problem (dislocated pelvis & cervical subluxation ). Within the first 4 treatments ( 1&1/2 weeks) I was pain free and had full range of mobility again and was back to normal activities. I am not a person who wants to take pain medicine to mask a problem instead of correcting it. I was very pleased that the topic of meds never came up and because of the adjustments Dr. Auerbach performed , were not needed. Going to Dr. Gary's home office has always been comfortable and relaxing and I am still amazed that he was able to diagnose and correct my issue so quickly. Recently my 8 year old daughter was complaining of back pain. I immediately called Dr. Gary and brought her in. Not only did I appreciate his willingness to see her without a prior appointment but also his way with her . She was quite comfortable and enjoyed her little adjustment. As she is a gymnast , I am sure it will not be her last visit with Dr. Auerbach. My family and I tell everyone we know and especially anyone who complains of back or neck pain to go see Dr. Gary ! I value both his practices and his person!" 
- Nicole Garfield

"I saw Dr Auerbach in Tucson for neck, back, and hip pain. He provide more relief in the first month than I have ever before experienced, through numerous Doctors and methods, over the past 13 years. He also took an interest in my foot, which had a joint fusion 3 years ago. It has been extremely painful, to the point that I had given up many of my normal activities. I can now walk again, without great pain! Dr Auerbch has given me back my life. He honestly CARES about his patients. I highly recommend him to anyone. You won't find better care anywhere!"
Tammi Lafleur

"I went to Dr. Auerbach after finding him through the google search on my phone, I was in desperate need of help after 20 some years of various sport and other injuries catching up with me. I had little to no range of motion, could barely walk, my pain level was at 10, and I had constant pins and needles in my arm that were only getting worse. He took me in that evening, after sending me for x-rays, which he even personally came in to negotiate my needs with the techs. That was last I have shown 60% improvement in my daily living activities from that day and my 19 year-long sciatica problem isn't even on the chart!! Aside from the obvious, Dr. Auerbach's methods amaze me his calming and gentle technique feels virtually non existent yet the proof is in the numbers. A huge thanks to him, and a pleasure being i n his office as well, some internet research and private portfolio viewings, it turns out he is also a very accomplished photographer/artist. It is evident to me that he takes great care in everything that he does, because of this I trust him completely with my health concerns."
Sherayn Allen

"Dr Auerbach treated me on several occasions, for an injury due to a fall on concrete causing severe back , head , neck trauma - as well as minor issues. All of which are now no longer an issue ! He is dedicated to treating his patient and is very personable a rarity in this day and age. I highly recommend him if you are seeking a Dr that cares as well as one who is competent and up to date on the latest in his field ! thank you for all you have done and are doing for me and my friends"
Hana Ripp

"During early 2013, I first met Dr. Gary Auerbach on the Leadership Council for the local Alzheimer’s Association. He was leading a group of several hundred persons in the Straighten Up exercise program.Afterwards we began to talk and I shared with him that I needed help since I had just undergone open-heart surgery.The next week I went to his chiropractic office and began an eight-week regimen of care. He helped me with several issues, my balance, breathing, and joint range of motion.Almost immediately, I began to feel better. He used neuromuscular re-education methods (pressure point and joint rotations) with me in addition to his gentle spinal adjustments. Since then, I have incorporated swimming three days a week and walking my two dogs daily. I owe much of my improved health and wellbeing to Dr. Gary."
- Dr. Juan Paz

"I threw my back out and was barely able to move. This type of injury usually takes me about a week to get some relief and about two to three weeks before I am pain free again. I saw Dr Auerbach the day after I hurt my back and by the next morning I was up and moving and then in less than one week I am totally pain free and feeling better than when I hurt myself. Dr Auerbach is a life saver. I have five kids and I do not have time for a thrown back or any excess pain. As an added bonus all of the tension in my neck and upper back is relived and my lower back feels stronger now that he helped with my hip alignment. Thank you Gary your are amazing."
- Will Lewis

"Hello everyone, my name is Victor lewis and I am 13 years old. I am writing this review because I have had neck pains and headaches for over 2 years. It has affected my schoolwork and my everyday life. I have self manipulated my neck by twisting it with my hands and getting it to pop. I do this to relieve pressure that I feel. Three weeks ago I began seeing Dr.Gary at Auerbach Chiropractic. After the first adjustment I no longer have neck pains nor headaches. It`s already helping me in school!!! I recommend Dr.Gary to other students who are suffering from neck pains and headaches."
- Victor Lewis

"In about 6 weeks Dr Auerbach has managed to cure two very long standing problems that I have worked with other Chiropractors and Masseuses on for years. He has a broad range of techniques some of which are fairly arcane but obviously effective." 
- Katherine Cerino

"Dr. Gary was invaluable in the beginning phase of my quitting smoking. Along with the treatments he provided, he offered wonderful, supportive encouragement. I believe he is an intuitive, accomplished chiropractor and highly recommend him for anyone needing the services he provides." 
- Trish Haines